October 19, 2015

Using Digital Fabrication to Make DIY Activist Gear - Session at MozFest 2015

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Laser-cutting Stencils, Screen-printing, CNC Wood Block Printing

MozFest is Mozilla’s huge annual participatory festival & conference about the future of the open web. It’s a clusterfuck of creativity, activism and geekiness. This year MozFest is happening on November 6-8, 2015 in London. Below is a quick description of one of two sessions that I’ll be running during the festival. Also check out my other session: Day of Action: Web App for Decentralized Collective Action

When? Sunday November 8, 2015 at 4pm

Where? Taking place in the Mozilla Learning area at MozFest

Session Description:

High tech manufacturing tools are becoming more accessible for do-it-yourselfers, makers and activists. You can often find tools at local maker spaces that can be used to easily make large quantities of inexpensive activist gear. In this participatory session, you’ll learn about creative ways to paint giant banners, laser-cut stencils so you can print your own t-shirts and banners, make custom vinyl stickers, how to use CNC machines to carve wood and other techniques.

Using a laser-cutter to make a digital heart stencil.

Heart Print

A digital heart shirt printed by a laser-cut stencil, used by Internet2016 campaign.

Here’s what we’ll be doing in this session:

See Examples DIY Production Techniques: In the first part of the session you’ll see some examples of production & printing techniques that you can use for your own projects & activism. We’ll talk about how to get access to maker machines and finding local maker spaces.

Let’s Make Some Prints: This is the good part. In the second part, we’ll get our hands dirty and make some stuff. We’ll cut stencils and print some t-shirts, bandanas, patches and posters. We’ll have all the inks and materials you’d need, but bring a blank t-shirt to print on. (Don’t worry if you don’t have one with you, we’ll also have fabric and paper available.)

Black Lives Matter stenciled posters

Black Lives Matter activists using signs made from laser-cut stencils.

Hope to see you at this session! You can register for MozFest at: https://2015.mozillafestival.org/. Tickets are £45.

And please check out my other session at MozFest! It’s called “Day of Action: A Web App to Facilitate Decentralized Collective Action”. It’s about using laser cutters to make stencils for activism.**