August 12, 2015

Starting a list of digital tools for activism. Have ideas?

activism tech

There are lots of digital tools that activists use to organize, communicate and advocate for social change. I’m putting together a quick list. Have some ideas for it? Check out this list on github and please share your ideas.

What goes into this list? I’m not being very picking at this point. So far I’ve broken it up into two categories. There are some tools in there that are more open source and may require someone with a technical background to set them up, like Twilio’s rapid response kit. And there are software-as-service tools that you use in a browser like Thunderclap. I may go back later and edit it down or focus it more.

Anyway, what do you use? Or what tools have you seen organizations use effectively? Feel free to send me suggestions for additions.

This list is on github, so you can actually just go ahead and add your suggestions directly to the list. Or, if you’re not familiar with github, you can send me a message with your idea and I’ll add it.

Here is the list: