Countdown App

This small web application is a single page app that counts down to an upcoming event. It’s a quick project that can help you stay focused as your event gets closer, but also something you can share with event attendees to get a buzz going.

Originally made for Code for America’s annual summit

In the months leading up to the 2014 Summit, my colleagues and I were working against the clock. We needed to finish our projects so that they would be ready to present at the summit. This countdown app was running on giant screens in the office. It was a constant reminder about what we building towards and how much time we had left.

Designed to be shared, designed to be re-used

It is designed to be easily redeployed by novice programmers. You just need to edit a couple files, change some variables, and then you have your own website countdown to your upcoming event.

I made this tool for organizers who have some technical knowledge about github and HTML, but who may not be a professional coder. You can use it internally to keep on track to your organizing timeline or it can also be shared with supporters to show an urgency around an issue or campaign.

Who uses countdown? Code for America uses the countdown for their annual civic tech conference. Open Knowledge Foundation used it to get a buzz going about their German Open Data Day events. New England VegFest uses it to promote an annual vegetarian food festival.

How to use this

A step-by-step howto guide is listed on the github page for the project, but essentially all you need to do is copy the project on github and use the config file to add the specific information about your event (date, location, name, logos). After doing that you’ll have a countdown hosted on github pages. You can also have your own custom domain for the countdown.

Tools used

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