Killer Tofu

December 7, 2015

Do you know that 90’s nickelodeon show, Doug? Do you remember the band from the show–The Beets? They had a song called “Killer Tofu” and it was great.

I wanted to make Killer Tofu a reality, so for this project I used a laser-cutter to burn a design onto tofu.

♫ Oh ee oh, Killer Tofu ♫

Here’s how you make Killer Tofu

This is something between a recipe and a diy guide on laser cutting.




Step 1: Drain the tofu

Cut open the package and drain out all water.

pour out tofu water

drain the water

Step 2: Pat dry

Use paper towels to dry the tofu

press tofu

press tofu

Step 3: Press the tofu

Place the tofu between the two cutting boards and then place some heavy books on top.

Leave it pressing for a few hours. How do you know how many books to put on top? The goal is to press out some water from the tofu. You don’t want your tofu to come apart, so if you start to see cracks forming remove a book or two. By drying the tofu, we’re making it easier for the laser to burn the skin. Too mych water will make it difficult to burn the tofu. Also, pressing tofu makes it have a better consistency when you eat it. If you’re planning to fry your tofu, you should always press it first.

press tofu

press tofu some more

press tofu and even more

Step 4: Draw the design

I used Adobe Illustrator to create my design because my laser cutter requires an SVG file, which is easy to export from Illustrator.

design your file

Step 5: Place tofu in laser cutter

In the laser cutter, place a paper towel on the grate and your tofu on top.

place in laser cutter

Step 6: Configure your laser

Set up your laser as you would normally do. Set the levels, set your home X and Y axises.

place in laser cutter

Step 6: Cut it

Load your file onto your laser and cut away. For the settings, I used a speed at 80%, power at 60%, and a frequency of 500 Hz.

place in laser cutter

Step 6: Love it then eat it

Enjoy the way it looks. Then enjoy the way it tastes. Cut it up into cubes, pan fry it and smother it in general tso’s sauce. It’s tofu. It’s good for you.

place in laser cutter

♫ Oh ee oh, Killer Tofu ♫