Mobile Prototyping Board

this whiteboard helps designers, developers and clients more effectively reach consensus on interface designs

When working on web projects, it can be challenging to get clients and designers/developers onto the same page about projects. As a design exercise, I like having clients draw out low-fi drafts of what digital tools could look like. I find that it helps be more willing to try ideas, iterate on ideas faster and talk about what is the best way to design projects. I designed and created this whiteboard as a way for developers, designers, and clients to collaborate on design ideas in a low-fi way. When talking about possible projects, I like to hand over the whiteboard and ask a client to draw out a few ideas for how the interface could look and function. It helps us stay away from traps like “what color is the button” and focus more on functionality, interaction design and what value the application will provide the users.

I originally made a couple of these whiteboards and after people told me that they wanted more, I published a step-by-step howto guide on

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