wallets made out of recycled soymilk containers

In 2007, I made a wallet out of recycled soymilk containers. Then I made a website where I sold the wallets and show how to make your own.

The project was featured on MAKE magazine’s website. For a while I was overwhelmed with the orders and had to collect used soymilk containers from local coffee shops. The buy-it-now button is gone because I don’t make these wallets anymore, so if you’d like one you’ll just have to follow the DIY guide and make you own.

Note: Please excuse the dated website. It’s from 2007.

A fun story

The wallet was featured on MAKE Magazine’s blog and appeared on various DIY and crafter blogs. At one point I got a call from a marketing company representing Silk Soymilk. I was expecting a cease-and-desist order, but was pleasantly surprised when the guy ordered 10 wallets to give as gifts to the soy-execs.

How can I get one? Can I buy one?

I don’t make them anymore, so you can’t buy one from me. I do keep the website online because the howto guide still gets traffic. You can go through the howto guide and make your own.

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