Traffic Accidents in Denver

this visualization was used to show the City of Denver how they could use open data to prioritize city resources and help shape policy

In 2014 while I was a fellow at Code for America, I made this quick map visualization based on data from Denver’s had a open data portal. At the time, the site had around 180 datasets available. The administrators in the City were generally interested in opening more data but were unsure what could be done with such data. As a way of demonstrating the value of open data, I made some maps and visualizations of the data that they had already released. This map of traffic accidents served two purposes:

  1. Allow residents to see where most of the accidents happen so that they may better participate in policy-making related to traffic and transportation.
  2. Demonstrate to the City how open data can be used by developers to tell a story or inform a public dialog

Tools used

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